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Job Title: Professional Adventurer - An Editorial

Indiana Jones can suck it.

There was a time not too long ago that I was on tour as a drummer in a rock band. What band it was doesn’t matter. What DOES matter for this little bit of infomania, is that WHEN we were on tour, we did a little thing that all international travelers end up doing, we went through customs.

On the customs form, you have to give all sorts of personal information, some of which I may or may not have taken very seriously. The most memorable of which would have been when I was asked to fill in my job title. Should I fill in “drummer?” Or “musician?” “Entrepeneur” maybe?


I was on an adventure. That was my job.

I was then, and still to this day consider myself to be, a Professional Adventurer.

Hell yeah.

What I realized then and there, that there really is nothing else there is to be in life. Everyone is an adventurer, as you never quite know what’s coming next. Maybe you’re not exploring Mayan temples or running away from rolling boulders, but in your own way, you totally are.

And good for you.

If you view your entire life as one huge adventure, you’re more apt to enjoy it. At least, on the broader scale. Each new place you visit is a territory conquered. Each new experience is a chapter in the story of your adventure. Each new person is an adventurer on their personal adventure. Some you just cross paths with, some you travel with for a long time. Some may alter the direction of your travels. Then there are some you just don’t give a shit about who they are or where they’re going, so long as they get the hell away from you.

Screw those assholes.

My main thrust of this post….(note to self, never put those two sentences back to back again)

…you should try and be the best damned adventurer you can be. Explore, go to new places, see new things, meet new people, try new experiences. Don’t deny an experience just because it’s deemed, “unsavory.” Go out there, try some drugs, get arrested, really explore your own life. Feel everything that you possibly can, and you’ll have a better understanding of what the hell is really going on while you’re alive. Don’t screw with anyone else’s adventure, but realize that your life is your own. It’s not where you end up, but rather, the experiences you had along the way that count. I’m not encouraging you to be destructive…but rather, selectively destructive. Build your life how you want it to be, with the people you want to be in it, not how someone else thinks it ought to be.

Because who knows, you just might learn something.

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